A Compassionate Culture

Concentric Health Alliance is a covenant of integrity and character, formed by dedicated healthcare executives who are currently focused on providing access and affordability for

COVID-19 related resources and supplies. We believe that sustainability and transparency belong at every corner of the healthcare landscape, especially during the global crisis we find ourselves in now.


The CHA culture is based on collaborative leadership among critical healthcare stakeholders. Its efficient provision of critical PPE resources builds on decades of trusted business relationships, nurtured into lasting partnerships through a commitment to full transparency of price and quality.

Healing Through Leadership

We view the pandemic crisis as a catalyst for more functional compassionate care and the systems that make it possible. By directly linking the vital importation of PPE, Ventilators, and Rapid Diagnostic Tests to the United States, CHA sets a new 

post-pandemic standard for supply-side distribution. A U.S. company, CHA's FDA Import License allows convenient drop-shipments directly to hospitals, municipalities, and medical PPE suppliers. Uniquely positioned to validate quality prior to shipment, its global operations bring a 15-year track record of helping hospitals in 42 countries, including the United States.


By importing only FDA-certified goods, or goods with an FDA/EUA approval, CHA customers have the confidence they need to acquire foreign goods.




Healthcare Experience

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Dr. David Ballard

Chief Clinical Officer


James Wahlbrink


Amy Holcomb

Chief Executive Officer


Jeff Ellington




“We were very impressed with the quality of PPE supplies we received by Concentric for our hospital.  They offered prices and products we couldn't find anywhere else.”

“Coronavirus wiped our supplies out.  We ordered PPE masks and they were affordable and just what we needed.  We have already ordered more!”

Amy has procured 5,000 Covid-19 blood testing kits for my client who represents the City of.... Amy has been extremely helpful in explaining the materials available, where they are sourced, approval status in the US and reliability of the tests kits.

Sandy L.  Nurse, CT

Lei, A.  Medical Supply Retailer

Tracy A. Benefits Consultant


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